Presidential Gifts

Explore a collection of gifts signifying a legacy of goodwill between the UAE and the world. Designed as a vibrant showcase of cultural exchange and international diplomacy, this exhibition offers visitors the chance to get up close and personal with some of the most cherished diplomatic gifts received by the UAE. Visitors will also learn about the cultural considerations and protocols involved in selecting diplomatic gifts.

Diplomatic Gifts at Qasr Al Watan

To step into the Presidential Gifts Hall is to be presented with the rare opportunity to enter the world of foreign and royal diplomacy through priceless artifacts — and the equally precious stories behind each one.

The unique collection of diplomatic gifts housed within the Palace of the Nation offers a way to witness the goodwill and mutual respect between the UAE and the world's nations. It is also a spectacular representation of the richness and diversity of history, art and cultures from around the globe.

On display are samurai armors from Japan, hooded falcon masks from Germany, a traditional rifle from Kuwait, a vase from the Phoenician era, a moon vase from Korea, the most intricately designed carpet from Turkmenistan, as well as gold wreaths, medals and coins from various geographies and historical periods, and so much more. A particular highlight of the collection is religious manuscripts, including a Holy Quran swathed in a black covering with gold embroidery, a gift from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Walk through the Hall of Presidential Gifts and behold beauty, meaning and cooperation in the most mesmerizing way.

The collection can be viewed by all visitors to the Palace.