The Great Hall

Step into a true testament of traditional Arabian craftsmanship, artistry and architecture at The Great Hall, Qasr Al Watan. Within this grand space, visitors will gain a deeper appreciation of the region’s architectural and artistic legacy. From the central dome and archways to the ornamentation and mosaic patterns, The Great Hall is truly a sight to behold. Every visitor can also reflect upon the mesmerizing details of The Great Hall by exploring the mirrored cubes positioned at every corner of this exquisitely crafted zone.

The Great Hall is your first introduction to Qasr Al Watan’s interior, and it is a spell-binding one.

A lofty view

With a diameter of 37 meters and soaring to 60 meters, the central dome of The Great Hall is one of Abu Dhabi's most imposing sights.

Colored with meaning

The Great Hall incorporates Qasr Al Watan’s three signature colors: Blue, white and yellow. The blue represents the waters of the Arabian Gulf, the white stands for purity, while the yellow is inspired by the color of the desert sands. Together, they give the space a distinctive appearance that is filled with deep significance.

Shaped by history

Geometric shapes play a prominent role in the architecture of The Great Hall at Qasr Al Watan. Mirrored cubes, curved glass panels, Arabesque patterns and symmetric marble panels all add up to create a visual feast that is both intricate and harmonious. You can even step into a cube and look out into the big, timeless space of the hall for a unique perspective.

From the Palace's Great Hall visitors can wander into any of the other zones to view and learn more about the Nation’s past, present and future.